Personal Training in Surrey with Personal Fitness Trainer Dan Geoghegan

Special Thanks to my clients Andy, Karen and Paul for these Video Endorsements! from Dan Geoghegan on Vimeo.


"Since working with Dan over the last year, my outlook on life has changed entirely. I find that I am more disciplined with the food that I eat, and am conscious of taking regularly exercise. Having lost 2.5 stone I am fitter, thinner, and happier with myself. Through a combination of cardio and weight training I have achieved all of my stated goals and now feel much more confident about the future.

I would thoroughly recommend Dan to anybody who is unhappy with their physical appearance or merely feels they need a new physical challenge.

Thank you very much Dan!"

Sarah K, Effingham.


"When I contacted Dan my goals were simple. I wanted to gain size and strength. Under Dan's watchful eye I have gained significantly in both areas and am continuing to do so. Dan knows what efforts I need to take to get the results I want and he implements them very effectively.

He explains the importance of the exercises that we do and has taught me the value of working out hard but also working out intelligently and giving my body plenty of recovery time outside of my workout sessions. He also encourages and motivates me tremendously during the sessions. I have went from 78 kg to 88 kg which is very pleasing for me".

Stuart B, Guildford.
Design Director, Construction Company.


"Having trained with Dan once a week for 18mths , I signed up for The Great Lakeland Challenge.. Dan tailored a specific periodisation program for me and got me in the shape of my life enabling me complete the challenge in a time I wouldn't have imagined possible. The training was enjoyable and rewarding. Top work from a top guy!"

Dan T, Woking.
City Worker.


"I have used Dan for personal training on a weekly basis for the last 2 years and have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. I had particular issues with flexibility which were causing recurrent injury problems. Dan designed a program using exercises that combined aerobics, strength and flexibility. The regime has constantly evolved so has remained fun and I have gained significant benefits in respect of my all round fitness".

Trevor B, Walton on Thames.
Company Director.


"Dan is bigger than the seven C's - caring, courteous, cheerful, charming, coaxing, clued-up, careful and credible. He is a great personal trainer and has really made a vast improvement in my fitness. I very much enjoy our sessions. He makes me work hard but it is always fun".

Anthony L, Godalming.


"I have trained with Dan for the past 6 months before I moved to London. The results I got were tremendous, which is very important in my profession. Dan was exceptionally professional and worked on the areas I wanted improving – under my arms, firmer stomach and a more toned body.

I worked really hard and he pushed me to reach my goals but he also slowed me down when I was over working. I followed the programs we did together and I could not believe the results I got in the past 6 months. I would still be training with Dan had I not moved".

Cathy M, Weybridge.
Specialist Aesthetic Nurse.


I needed a personal trainer to reach a better level of fitness for a kickboxing title fight. Dan pushed me like I have never been pushed but kept my moral high.
I was not only amazing by how quickly my fitness grew but also how my fighting improved, its because of how hard Dan pushed me I was able to win this important fight and without him I would not like to think of the result. He's a great trainer and tutor.

George P - Kickboxing Champion. Trains at Basingstoke Kickboxing Organisation.
Resides in Guildford, Surrey


"Since I started training with Dan.

1) My fitness levels have gone right up.
2) I am 2 stone lighter in weight.
3) I have lost 5" around my belly.

Dan is very professional and considers all aspects of lifestyle in his fitness diagnosis. He knows how to push and motivate at the same time. Despite the hard work, I look forward to every training session because we laugh through the fitness barriers set. Need I say? Dan is a superb Personal Trainer and a good man to boot."

Paul B, Sunningdale.
Business Coach and Consultant.


When I contacted Dan he helped me focus on my goals. He really epitomises PERSONAL because that’s what his programmes represent, a truly individual approach geared towards your targets. He has a great motivational technique and is always encouraging you to take the next step forwards. He works you hard but makes you want to work hard too.

The benefits over the last few months have seen me improve my cardiovascular fitness and boosted my confidence.

The other thing about Dan…… he’s a really nice bloke!

Nick M, Cobham.
Director of Branded Content at the BBC.


"Having trained with various personal trainers over the past 7-8 years, Dan is amongst the best there is. I have been trying very hard for several years to reach a certain standard of fitness, which for me was more of a dream rather than a realistically obtainable goal, but with Dan’s help, I am almost there.

Dan is professional, dedicated and knows exactly how to help you achieve your goals better than anyone else out there. Training sessions are hard but above all they are fun and you leave feeling a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. Thanks Dan!"

Saira. B, Ripley.


"Dan has been a tremendous personal trainer for me. We have trained together for about 9 months and the improvements are immense - I feel I have so much more energy than before and have more confidence too. Having read his story I thought he would be an understanding personal trainer.

He is but he also makes me work hard and makes me want to work hard, which is so so very important to me, because he understands the reasons why I want to lose the weight. I have lost just under 4 stones and am nearing my target. I feel I will work out for life now - it has made me feel so much better about myself. Thanks Dan"

Tara J, Weybridge.
Office Manager.


“I play for a volleyball team in the UK womens premiership. I came to Dan for specific training, for him to help me improve my leaping and jumping ability. I also wanted to build up my overall strength endurance, particularly in my shoulders.

Dan has done a great job in helping me to improve these areas. I feel my play as setter has vastly improved. My jumping, leaping and leg strength have improved alot with the pre season work we did. I also feel stronger throughout my body including my shoulders. I am now working with Dan on improving further the stronger aspects of my game - agility and quickness”.

Adriane B, Woking, Surrey - Plays for Polonia Volleyball Womens Team based in Ealing, London.
Women's Premiership Volleyball Cup Winner 2010 and 2011 and Women's Premiership League Winner 2011.


"Dan is a personal trainer that listens to what you want. When I saw him I had many goals in mind. Although my energy levels were ok, I wanted to increase these further, not just for my workouts but for my busy lifestyle as well.

Dan helped me to achieve this by getting me to perform a mixture of intense cardiovascular and strength personal training sessions that improved my 3 goals: increased overall fitness, increased strength and the most importantly for me, increased energy levels. These all improved with the help of Dan's influence".

Colin. C, Alton.
Senior Director, IBM


I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for helping James develop his self-confidence and most importantly his whole outlook to a healthy lifestyle. To be honest, I think we made the best choice when choosing a personal trainer; you have been exceptionally professional, fun, knowledgeable and encouraging. THANKS DAN!!

Delia, West Byfleet.

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