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In my early teenage years, like many others I became obese through a bad diet and inactivity. Too many burgers and no real sporting activity are not a good recipe for a long life. At the age of 18 I weighed a flabby, unfit 17 and a 1/2 stones, as you can see from this picture.

The weight crept up and it was quite a shocking revelation to realise how unfit I actually was. Family and friends noticed, and commented, how heavy I had become.

The effects of my sedentary lifestyle really came home to me when I went out for a run one evening. After 100 metres I was struggling for breath and felt completely exhausted.

This for me was decision time. A radical change of lifestyle was called for if I wanted to be able to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. I started to workout twice a week. Initially for the first couple of months this was extremely difficult.

My body was unused to the demands now being placed upon it. Every cardiovascular and resistance exercise was very difficult, and these difficulties were compounded by the fact that I was not sure what I was doing.

Perseverance won through, and I soon found that I was actually starting to enjoy my new physical lifestyle. I gained great strength from the encouragement and kind comments of others as I started to lose the flab and replace it with muscle.

However the greatest feeling came not from this, but from the rise in my self-confidence and esteem in which I held myself. Fortunately, more by luck than judgement during the first six months, my ignorance on how to do many exercises correctly did not lead to any injury.

When training correct usage of weights and other exercise materials, combined with a well-formulated training regime is most important. Facts studied in great depth during the three years I spent studying for my degree in Science and Management of Exercise and Health.

Eleven years have elapsed since my first work out, the last five of which I have been involved in helping clients to improve their fitness. This gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction.

When your ready, get in touch with me to discuss your personal targets and together we will draw up a plan to decide how best to attain them.

I know that as a team, with my knowledge, personal experience, commitment and motivation, and your effort and trust we can achieve the goals you want.


Outside of personal training my interests are:

  • Strength and Conditioning training.

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  • Practising Yoga.

  • Visiting new places.

  • Going to the cinema.


    BSc (Hons) Degree: Science and Management of Exercise and Health

    Degree Gained at Surrey University

    Thorough working knowledge gained in all areas of Exercise and Health including: Exercise Physiology, Diet and Nutrition, Advanced Training Strategics, Exercise and Performance Psychology and Sports Coaching.

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

    - High level knowledge of grappling, body leverage and self defence techniques.

    ARNI (Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury) Course

    - Mobilty and Movement for Stroke Survivors

    Johnny G Course: Spinning

    - Indoor Cycling

    YMCA Course: Supple Strength

    - Blending elements of Yoga, Pilates and Body Conditioning

    YMCA Course: Strike!

    - A dynamic and powerful combination of Martial Arts techniques that is ideal for increasing fitness

    Juice Performance Course: Comprehensive Core Training

    - The Aim of ‘Comprehensive Core Training’ is to provide a comprehensive practical overview for personal trainers of the background, science and application of core training.

    Premier Nutrition Course

    - Providing comprehensive knowledge of nutritional value and health consequences of food.

    YMCA Course: Suspension Training

    - Providing knowledge on the wide variety of exercises that can be performed on suspension devices / TRX's.

    YMCA Course: Kettlebells

    - Providing knowledge of kettlebells and the use in exercise.


    - First Aid Trained

    - DBS Checked: (Enhanced and Clean Disclosure by The Criminal Records Bureau)

    - Fully Insured

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