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Between September 1st and October 18th, I personally dropped to 79.6kg, with a body fat percentage of 6.1 %, a muscle percentage of 46.0 % with visceral fat (internal fat around the organs) at 4 %.

Just ask for the pictures and I will show you.

My results on September 1st were: weighed 86.6kg, a body fat percentage of 13 %, a muscle percentage of 42.5 % and a visceral fat reading of 6 %. These readings are all very healthy and fit readings and show strong indications and evidence of a very healthy, fit and active lifestyle already.

However, as a competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the Brown Belt level, I felt it is important to give myself every opportunity to do the best I can when competing. This means that when major competitions come up, I feel it is worth dropping down a weight category to give myself a strength, speed and as much an athletic advantage as I can. Being disciplined enough to lose weight also gives me a mental advantage as I know the effort that goes into dropping weight to feel as fit and as healthy as is really possible.

Once your body fat is considered fairly low (I would say under 26% for women and under 18 % for men) it takes a tremendous amount of effort and discipline to get it further down. Literally getting to 26 % and 18 % body fat will get you in really good shape.

It is important to consider that your metabolic rate will vary according to many factors, including but not exclusively the following: what your food and fluid intake consists of, what your meal sizes and timings are like, the intensity of your work outs and the frequency of your work outs as well as your sleep quality and quantity.

Your physical activity levels and your diet are the 2 most important factors that you can control when getting the into the best possible shape so these are the areas I would focus on. There are many other factors that can affect your metabolic rate such as age, gender etc. but obviously these are outside of your control.

This means that the diet has to be on point. There has to be enough calories that you can continue to work out with energy and maintain your muscle but few enough that you continue to use up your fat reserves so that you carry as much lean functional muscle tissue without excess body fat.

Also, not only are the amount of calories consumed very important but also the quality of the calories and the macro-nutrient break down of the calories must be carefully considered.

When being super strict with your dietary intake the most important consideration is your mind and your mindset, it is important to have a really clear, laser sharp focus on it because it is very easy to undo a lot of good work in 1 or 2 nights.

I am not a fan of shirtless photos and would never ask my clients to do before and after shots for anybody but their own personal accomplishments. However I am ok showing the pictures below as I think its important for others to know and see what is possible.

I was a guy who was 117 kgs (18 1/2 stones) at 17 years of age with what I would guess was a body fat range of well over 40 %. Now in my 30's I am around 13% body fat normally and can drop lower when focussing on specific goals. The only supplementation that was used during this time period was my usual fish oil supplementation and a daily multivitamin.

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