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Every client I train is different...

with their own lifestyle, body, challenges and goals. Personal Training is not a one size fits all approach. Clients require different levels of motivation and encouragement depending on the type of personality that they are. My aim is to get the best out of you and to help you reach your potential in the health and fitness area of your life.

If you're serious and committed to making real changes and taking progressive steps to become a fitter and healthier you or you have become bored or stagnant in an exercise routine that you're currently in then call me for a chat and a free consultation.

Having previously lead an unhealthy lifestyle (which I changed 13 years ago) I know what it takes for you to get the results you want in a safe and effective manner, be it lose weight, gain muscle, completely change your body shape, increase your energy levels, decrease your stress levels or become fitter. You may have different goals that you wish to achieve, these are just some of the more popular reasons clients train with me.

My name is Dan and I am a BSc (Hons) Health and Exercise degree qualified personal trainer and I am fully insured to work with clients at their home, local park or gym.

I train with my clients in and around Guildford, Woking, Weybridge, and Cobham as well as the surrounding areas of Surrey. For a full list of areas that I train clients, have a look at my Surrey page.

Currently my youngest client is a 23 years old male from Cobham and my youngest female client is a 24 years old woman from Guildford while my oldest client is a 71 years old man from Guildford. My client-base is wide-ranging and diverse and as such so are my personal training methods. I train clients all over Surrey and these include include business men and women, entrepreneurs, mums, retirees and those that are training for athletic events.

Personal Trainers each have their own style and as a personal trainer I represent an encouraging, friendly and effective style of personal training which will be progressive and will clearly focus on the goals you wish to attain. If you wish to lose weight, we will focus on that, if you wish to sleep better then that will be the focus, if you wish to become a lot fitter and more energised, that will be the emphasis of our training - your specific goals will be discussed in depth in the free consultation and you will be working personally with me so we are clear about the path we are taking to get you the best results!.

For more information on what my clients say about me please see my Happy Clients page!

All the best,


"A little progress each day adds up to big results!"

Reach Your Goals: Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Feel More Energised, Sleep Better, Improve your Concentration and Increase Your Fitness with Surrey Personal Fitness Trainer, Dan Geoghegan


Dan is a highly qualified, fully insured personal trainer working in Guildford, Cobham, Weybridge and Woking as well as other areas of Surrey. If you are unsure if Dan's trains clients in your area, send him an email me or call him.

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